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Carbohydrates are our main source of energy.

Keeping a well balanced diet with measured amounts of carbohydrates is fine depending on what your fitness goals are your general intake will depend on what type of training you are doing, for example a sprinter will differ his diet from a long distance runner. Reasons for this is because there are different demands on the body and the physique are completely different; one is a ectomorph - the long distance runner, and the sprinter is a mesomorph.

How we will set up your carbohydrate ratio will depend on your intended results, but just a word of advice less man made carbs the better. Because we want you feeling fit not just looking fit we all always provide diet plans for food from healthy sources.

High-quality carbohydrates are carbs that have two very important features:

(1)They should provide good amounts of antioxidants
(2) not cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

Antioxidants are essential for your body because they stabilize free-radicals. These unstable molecules are necessary for the release of energy but too much of them can harm your cell’s DNA, leading to chronic diseases, such as cancer and aging.

Carbohydrates that cause spikes in blood sugar levels is not good for you because your pancreas has to work harder by releasing more insulin into your bloodstream. Insulin is a hormone that controls your metabolism and aids your body to stored glucose as fat. Having too much insulin may lead to heart disease and weight gain because it prevents your body from using fat as energy.

The carbohydrate that cause spikes in blood sugar levels is simple carbohydrate. The one that doesn’t cause spikes in blood sugar is complex carbohydrates.

High Quality Carbs (complex carbs)

• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Oatmeal
• Whole Grain Cereal
• Whole Wheat BreadBuckwheat

Simple, refined carbs found in many processed, convenient foods tend to be devoid of these natural nutrients, therefore there is a greater risk that some of the energy will be converted into fat and stored. This is often the case even if the calorie content of the simple carb is lower than the calories in the complex carbohydrate source.

Natural complex carbs are often devoid of additives and preservatives unlike many processed simple carb sources

Low Quality Carbs (simple carbs)

• Fried Food
• Table Sugar
• Candy
• White Bread
• Fizzy drinks