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"I was very pleased with my personal trainer and the service provided by Fitness Firm. It was very bespoke to my needs and a lot of detail was paid to my individual needs. I would recommend Fitness Firms services to anyone wanting results in a short space of time."

Sarah Louise Green
Service Personal training in Dubai

"Fitness Firms' work with my son was very impressive, his boxing skills are amazing considering he was taught from scratch. I was amazed they where able to work with him considering his age of 8."

Hasanin Abbas
Service Personal training in Knightsbridge

"I would recommend Fitness Firm to anybody looking for a personal trainer who delivers results, provides nutrition advice, and is honest, committed to your success and reliable."

Rohit kuyrian
Service Personal training in Dubai

"Lots of praise for Fitness Firm, the results I expected were delivered in the time frame set, nutritional advice was sensible and easy to follow which made it easy to adhere."

Bader Ardhi
Service Personal training in Chelsea

"I worked with a Fitness Firm personal fitness instructor in Hyde Park and cannot believe the fun I got through exercising, it made my session so good to look forward to Fitness Firm!."

Nadia Boutelli
Service Personal training in Knightsbridge

"Coming from a warmer climate appearance means alot as we tend to spend alot of time at the beach i travel to and from L.A alot and wanted a personal trainer in London that could keep me in shape between me returning to L.A durning the holidays."

Service Personal training in Fulham


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